LS&C was born out of the pure joy of substance.


We are entrepreneurs ourselves as well as investors.


In the face of increasingly accelerating progress, we want to leave behind traces to lead steadfast into a better future. That is why we desire to joyously tear down existing concepts when they have become obsolete burdens and give our all to develope and build new sustainable structures. This is how we manage to maintain our core values in a constantly changing environment while using the ever rising tide of digitisation for our purposes rather than being swept away by the current zeitgeist and do what we love most – to create substance.

This is how we Invest


The early bird gets the worm. So we invest and commit ourselves even in the inception phase. Together, we prepare for the mission and aim straight for the moon. The earlier we work together the further we can take the company and their founders.


Our initial investments range from €20,000 to €2 million. So we are the fitting partner for startups that are just gaining momentum. Whether you long to solve age-old problems or bring new technologies to light, we hope to be right there with you. This is how we shape the world of tomorrow.


The success of a start-up is not only defined by successful fundraising. A strong team, strategic decisions, honest communication, courage and many more factors are just as crucial. That is why we stand at your side at all times. Even if that means staying awake through long office nights or even skipping bubble baths for the week. There have always been obstacles in the path of change but together there are none who can’t be conquered.

Where and when does LS&C invest?

European Union, pre-seed and seed phases.

When is the best time to make the first contact?

As a general rule, we invest significantly earlier than other VC firms. In essence that means: the sooner, the better. In some cases, we invest even before product development or existing sales.

How much money is invested?

Our ticket sizes range from 20,000 euros to 2 million euros. We also deviate from this according to individual requirements. We want to be a long-term financial partner who thinks ahead and sets aside the majority of its funds for follow-up rounds of investments. In the best interest of the founders, we stay on board longer and can strengthen the already established bond and support them with strategic knowledge. We advise to have at least 18 months cash runway to avoid the stress of fund raising and to focus on team and business.

Is there an investment focus on specific industries?

The following fields are of particular interest to us. Nevertheless, we are open to just about everything and never say no to exciting projects. Let's talk, then we'll find out if we are a fit.

Which criteria must a startup meet?

Our main criterion is the team. After that comes the team and then the team. Ideally that includes people who think differently, show ingenuity and resilience. Of course we also consider the market, as well as  potential pitfalls  and opportunities. This is how we ensure success. We develop our own thesis individually depending on the specific business model or industry.

What does the investment process look like and how long does it take?

Especially in the early stages of a company fundraising processes are distracting. That's why we are committed to act quickly and decisively. What's most important to us is building a relationship with the founding team. We start with an initial meeting or call. Following that, there is usually a second and/or third meeting or phone call with various members of our investment team. It is quite likely that you will have met or spoken with a large portion of our team by the time we make the final investment decision. All investment partners meet the founding team throughout the process.

How is LS&C different?

We have founded companies ourselves. That means we can deliver on our promise during the investment phase and throughout a founder's journey in our portfolio. We live entrepreneurship and work with you to develop it. Our network of other experienced entrepreneurs as well as investors allows us to have a balanced perspective. As an LS&C founder you have access to this network at all parts of the value chain.

How do we support founders?

The best thing is to ask our founders. Of course, we believe that you as the founder should be in charge. Nevertheless, our entire team and support network, provides help or manpower at any time to grow as smoothly and dynamically as possible. We want to be as resourceful as possible and are available to help founders whenever we can. Since gathering the right team is probably the most important factor for the success of a startup, we place special emphasis on that. Additionally, external appearance is immensely important, so we regard support in the areas of media and branding, announcements of funding, major launches and specific community communication goals as essential.

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Our industries

Genetic revolution

Genetic Revolution

DNA Sequencing
Gene editing
Gene Therapy
AG Bio
Targeted Therapeutics
Molecular Diagnostics
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NextGen Internet

NextGen Internet

Artificial Intelligence
Cloud Computing
Digital Media
Autonomous Technology
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Fintech Innovation

Fintech Innovation

Digital Wallets
Mobile Payments
Risk Transformation
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Blockchain Technology
Eco Systems
Targeted Therapeutics
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Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service

Autonomous Technology
Autonomous Vehicles
Artificial Intelligence
New Infrastructure
Aerial Drones
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Health as a Service

Health as a Service

Mind and Soul
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Proptech revolution

Proptech Innovation

3D Printing and Building
Scanning and Measurement
Smart and Selfthinking Buildings
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Nearly everything
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